Monday, 18 April 2011

Seeking All Green Witches.

Green witches, let's gather around the cauldron and share our wisdom for the improved wellbeing of each and all of us. Be it a herbal remedy for a troublesome tummy, a diet tip for better sleep, an aromatherapy recipe for smoother skin, or relaxation technique to ease the mind, here is a place to pool our knowing and create more effective ways to live.

So what exactly is a green witch? There are as many types of green witches as there are...well, green witches. Those that dabble with herbs, those that plant by the moon, those that seek to make good eating choices, those that sit on a rock and contemplate the sunset, those that create feasts in the kitchen, those that nurture their body with massage and scented oils, those that light a candle, those that make a garden and the list goes on. No longer is there a need to skulk about on the margins of society - the only burning that you are likely to experience these days is the flicker of candlelight or the smoking of a smudge stick. The only prerequisite for being a green witch is that you are or wish to be a wise woman guided by nature to live a healthy and fabulous life! Want to join us?